Thank you for superb dental work and excellent manners. It was the first time I enjoyed a visit to the dentist
-Mrs Omar

It was nice experience to visit a dentist! I knew exactly what was happening thru out the procedure as Dr Indika explained everything throughout
-Mr AJ

I had my wisdom tooth extracted and felt no pain at all, the recovering was very quick as well

I had two broken teeth that needed extraction and I was always scared of the dentist.Dr Indika was very kind and reassuring. I didn’t even feel the injection or the teeth being taken out. I feel more confident in attending dental visits as Dr Indika has taken my fear of visiting the dentist away
– S.A

I was very impressed with the way Dr Indika Weeraperuma handled my dental issue. He was thorough in his initial assessment and very detailed in explaining the proposed course of action. During my 3 visits, I found him to be extremely professional, very skilled and well organized. He certainly exceeded my expectation. Cheers Doc !!
-Arjuna Sirinanda

Thanks so much Kinross Dental Care. The service was absolutely fantastic! I’m usually quite nervous when it comes to my dental sessions but with you I felt very much at ease. It’s great to have some of those with foreign experience here to support the Lankan community. I’ve already recommended you to all my friends and family.
– Suranga Liyanage

Dr. Indika was very professional and attentive towards my dental needs. Wouldn’t think about any other dentist!”

Gaurawa E. H. Liyanage


Dr Indika Weeraperuma’s dental treatments I received are on par with international standards. His use of the years of experience he gained practicing dentistry in the UK is clearly visible in his practise here with many new features which I experienced for the first time. Also he is the first dentist how had explained every step in his treatment to me as the patient and this is such a relief knowing what to expect during the treatments. I have no hesitation is recommending Dr. Indika to anyone who is looking for quality dental care.
– Chandika Rajapakse