Very happy with the service I received

Rated 5 out of 5
September 8, 2023

Dr Nadeena replaced my entire bottom row of teeth with inplants. He constantly followed up with queries about my well being and how to best deal with the after effects of the operation. Dr Indika helped a lot as well during the operation. Considering that I am 84 years old, both of them ensured that operation progressed smoothly and pain free. Overall, 10/10 and I am very happy with the service I received.

Sumith Wijayawardene

Excellent Service

Rated 5 out of 5
September 8, 2023

Dr Nadeena recently did an operation for me where he extracted a decayed tooth that was causing me a lot of discomfort. Throughout the entire operation, he was very reassuring and I did not feel the slightest bit of pain. He also gave me clear instructions on how to avoid such problems in the future. I’m very grateful for his kindness as a person and professionalism as a dentist.

I can proudly recommend him to anyone and everyone. 10/10.

Raya Marambage

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