Why a blog…..


Since Kinross Dental Care has had a revamp many folk have been asking me to write a blog. So here I am! One of my aims of coming back to Sri Lanka is to increase dental awareness and the importance of preventive measures. Since Blogs are now a common way of communicating thoughts and ideas across to a wide population, it’s a good starting point to help achieve this goal. So this is a little intro blog on what I plan to talk about over the coming weeks and months. The topics I intend to touch upon are

How effective is your dental care at home? – some insights into common brushing and cleaning myths along with some upto date tips

Modern Dentistry – Whats new and why is it important ?

The fear factor in dentistry and what do I do to help remove this?

Why l enjoy teaching….

I think you would get the theme of how it will pan out ☺ I am open to talk/write about most things dental related, so feel free to drop me any suggestions via our facebook page or website and ill certainly consider it!

Dr. Indika Weerapperuma is Dental Surgeon practicing at Kinross Dental Care. He is a British qualified and trained dentist who returned to Sri Lanka after being away for 13 years. He brings back a wealth of knowledge and experience and modern techniques. He continues to function as a lecturer at the University of Manchester and travels several times a year to lecture on the prestigious Restorative and Aesthetic MSc program.